Finding a place for a wonderful honeymoon experience

After a fun wedding planning experience, you deserve to spend the most enjoyable honeymoon and get enough privacy and time to enjoy your spouse and community as a whole. Therefore, choosing a honeymoon destination is very important, and you need to think so that you can gain some experience in the future. So how do you put your hands on the best honeymoon spots to suit your personal preferences?

Browse the best places

The astonishing feature of the Internet is that within a matter of seconds you can get any information you want and browse the places you are most interested in. good honeymoon spots and then get the option. By choosing a few of the best, you can carefully review each one, considering what you and your spouse have chosen most. Travel sites are also great for getting the information you need in the best parts of the honeymoon, and the best thing is that you can actually enjoy travel deals that save you time and money.

Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth can go a long way in finding the best place to spend your honeymoon. Friends, colleagues and even family members who go to honeymoon can recommend the most beautiful places you can check and think. Asking around makes it possible for them to share information about the perfect vacation destinations they hear from their relationship, thus giving them an easier time to check out specific places instead of having an endless list of potential locations.

Get help

If you have a busy lifestyle and don't have enough time to research the best places to spend your honeymoon, a trusted travel agent can do all the work for you. To make it easier for the agent to find a place to enjoy, you can list the features you are looking for at your destination and in the honeymoon packet in general. Agents work with a variety of service providers, including hotels, and it's easy to find the best locations for your honeymoon. You can then review the best reports from the best and decide where you prefer for a special time with your spouse.

When you think of a honeymoon, think about romance and adventure, budget, air, accommodation and distance, among other factors that play a role in how a honeymoon happens. When planning a wedding, it is best to plan for the honeymoon so there is a smooth transition from the wedding to the honeymoon, especially if you want to start the honeymoon immediately after the wedding. You can use honeymoon packages and deals to make your planning work less demanding to concentrate on the wedding.

Be amazed by Brixham and Gardens

A visit to the French-English Riviera with your family is a great idea. If you want to have the best dog-friendly holiday in Brixham, here are some great attractions that will fill your time. Choose dog friendly Holiday Cottages in Brixham because there are clean and spacious self-catering facilities. Dog friendly holidays in Brixhamare, near Brixham and most of the tourist attractions. Brixham is home to beautiful beaches, gardens, history and heritage sites, and comfortable gardens. Visit all of these at your Brixham vacation.

Water sports or biking in rural areas. When examining traditional villages, evaluate the culture of the people. Apply some retail therapy at malls, specialty stores and unusual boutiques. Have a great gastronomic adventure in fine dining establishments, or visit local farms for the best product you can buy. There are a lot of things you can do and see for dogs in Brixham during your friendships. So, after finishing the vacations in the holiday gardens in Brixham, here are some great places to start.

South West Coast Road

Southwest Coast Road is a national trail that offers a rich variety of flora, fauna and wildlife. Located more than 630 miles, Jura's Coast and West Devon Mining Landscapes are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Leave the dog-friendly Holiday Cottages in Brixham early in the morning and have a family walk all day. You would love to be closer to nature and stay away from all the city pollution and the noisy crowd. Here you will be surrounded by amazing plants, colorful flowers and breathtaking wildlife.

Do not forget your camera as you can take a memorable photo here. The location is very comfortable and the weather is generally perfect for a good day outdoors. South West Coast Road is a famous Brixham charm that you should visit during your Brixham vacation.

Potential Plant Garden

After a walk on the Southwest Coast, visit the Strong Vegetation Garden. The garden, just a short distance from the dog friendly holiday gardens in Brixham, was built in honor of Dame Agatha Christie, a Torquay resident. Well-known crime novice novels include interesting details you can see here. Because the poisons mentioned in his stories come from the plants planted in this garden. Agatha Christie & # 39; Take some time to explore the environment to find some of the famous plants that are part of his novels: mucus (aconitin), foxes (digitalin) and prunus (cyanide). In fact, this is a great place for Agatha Christie fans and others to visit. It would be an interesting activity to determine exactly which plant was used in your Brixham Vacations, in each of his novels.

Here are the top ten things to do in Orlando Florida

Orlando is one of the best tourist attractions. Orlando is the right place when it comes to the best amusement and theme parks. Want to make sure you get an awesome experience when you visit Orlando. So we'll look at the top 10 things to do in Orlando, Florida.

1. Universal Island of Adventure

This is certainly one of the most important things to do in Orlando. Combined with the most popular, highly rated theme parks in Florida. It provides a great experience, especially for movie lovers, children and adults. Made from various islands such as Harry Potter's Magic World, Toon Lagoon, Port of Entry, Jurassic Park.

2. Disneyworld

Disney's Magic Kingdom, the first attraction to be launched in Orlando, welcomes about 20 million tourists a year. This theme park consists of approximately 6 different zones, all working together to provide a quality experience.

3. Universal Studios

Universal Studios provides great entertainment in terms of movies and television series. It has many tourist attractions with live shows. It is interesting that Universal Studios conducts various seasonal events to suit the taste of visitors. When visiting here you can be sure that you have a really good time.

4. SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld has been one of the best entertainment venues for a long time. It offers you numerous shows that give you an incredible experience. There is plenty of great space here, providing a quality experience with animals such as the shark tunnel, Dolphin Cove and Stingray Lagoon.

5. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is located on the east coast of Florida. It has been one of the most popular attraction sites in recent years. It is also a place where astronauts were thrown off the Earth by NASA. This is definitely a favorite experience.

6. Aquatica Park

Aquatica is one of Orlando's best water parks. It shows many fantastic attractions along with the main parts of the water park. There is a cashless wrist band system. This will ensure that you have your money back without worrying about your money being soaked. Overall, Aquatica Park offers you an incredible experience.

7. Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland offers a quality theme park experience. It is a haven for many live crocodiles and alligators. Gatorland provides an excellent room to learn more about these reptiles, allowing them to spend time with them. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest tourist attractions in Orlando.

8. Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studiou offers immersive theme parks. Interested in movie magic? Disney's Hollywood Studios is where it will be. Be sure to enjoy some fun moments with your loved ones here. The entertainment here is heavenly.

9. Legoland

Legoland is located very close to Eloise Lake in Lakeland. Provides access to roller coasters, fantastic shows and performances to keep us immersed in the entertainment world.

10. Discover Cove

SeaWorld is a very cool place for Discover Cove, apart from Orlando. Here you will enjoy a close and unique experience with aquatic animals. It is recommended that you enjoy a unique, waterproof atmosphere with swimming suits.

Make sure you have a good time with your loved ones by riding a beautiful bus traveling to Orlando. You can rent the bus from the Orlando Party Bus at

06 Basic Travel Travels for Solo Women Travelers

Today, I'll share 06 travel tips for solo female travelers with this article. So if you're a woman traveler who loves to go alone and ask your security questions, these hacks will undoubtedly help keep you safe.

As a travel blogger, I always get emails from my female readers about safety when traveling alone or even with a friend.

I think we've all heard these lines:

  • The world is not a beautiful place.
  • This country is not safe
  • You can be a target for locals


Yes, there are people with bad intentions, but trust me, there are very few.

I have traveled to many countries, and the so-called enemies are where I find the most kind people.

Realize that there are some situations that we do not have. Do not ignore this.

That is why with these 06 travel tips, I will try to help you with your security abroad.

Let's start with that.

  1. Sincerity: courtesy and smiling face is one of the best things a traveler can do. In any part of the world, most of the difficult situations can be solved if you are smiling and remain polite.
  2. No: Always remember something; Tell me if you like something unpleasant with fish & # 39; No. As is often the case, there is an idea of ​​what is in front of your gut feelings. For example, if someone is trying to be friends with you and you don't feel good about it, just take it. No & # 39; Tell me. in a polite way.
  3. Don't travel at night: Yes, it's always important to keep in mind when you're traveling alone. If you travel from point A to point B, it is always advisable to cover the distance in the morning.
  4. Scam Information: Before you travel to the UK, India, Malaysia, Russia or another country, you must do your homework in connection with the various scams faced by other travelers. It is important for everyone to do their homework. So try to do research. Undoubtedly, it will help you understand what to do and what not to do when confronted with the same issue.
  5. Proper Wear: In some cultures, people tend to be modest when visiting churches, mosques, temples and other religious places. In addition, if you have tattoos, try to cover it up because not everyone likes it. Therefore, always try to cover your body and do not cover your skin in some countries.
  6. Cabin Security: Always keep your stuff in the back seat so that if you need to jump from the cabin, you can do it without a second thought. Always keep a taxi number with you so that you can share your number with the police or your loved ones at any wrong point.

So here are my 6 travel recommendations for solo female travelers. Hopefully you liked it.

6 interesting things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a very interesting place. If you have the opportunity to travel to Dubai at any point, there are some places you will miss. The following is a list of interesting things you can do in Dubai:

1. Visit Burj Khalifa – Burj Khalifa is the longest structure in the world and this fact cannot be missed by chance. Whether it's day or night, the monument is definitely a pleasure to watch. Hotel accommodation on Lake Burj Khalifa feels like you're on a flight to Burj Khalifa. Booking in advance will get instant access to your benefit.

2. Visit Dubai Mall – Dubai Mall is an absolute must for avid sellers because everything is in place. Everything from tourist attractions to a fantastic fountain show for children is a great treat. Dining joints and shops are just the extra charm of the place.

3. Skiing in the center of the Emirates – Known as Ski Dubai, you can easily slip your heart out in the snow this winter at the Emirates Mall. The cold atmosphere created inside can be a remarkable experience by making it fun in every way. Everyone, young and old, is given a ski gearbox with secure locks. Wrap yourself in gear and start sliding today.

4. Have a nice evening at Jumeirah Beach Walk – Jumeirah Beach Walk is one of the few places in Dubai where people can enjoy various types of cars and people. It's also a good idea to spend a cool evening with your family while you are watching and walking.

5. Zuma has a mouth watering experience – Get a place in Zuma for this delightful touch of Dubai cuisine, the open kitchen and the professional staff will provide charm for you. Zuma is a Japanese restaurant with a spacious bar and rest area.

6. Take a Day Walk – There are many companies that will take you out of your hotel, take you out for a walk, and offer delicious Arabian cuisine. In order to take a walk in the desert with some belly dancing movements, you need to register with these companies.

There are places like Burj Al Arab, the sparkling Golden Souk, and the Dubai city with dreams. Take Dubai today and save yourself!

One screen house shelter and 3 teenage girls

My grandfather wanted us to "camp" in the yard, as I have done for a number of years. But we were now young and wanted to be away from home for our great Screen House experience. So we loaded all our gear in the truck and left. We went to the big tree by the pond in my uncle's room thirty miles from home.

No, we don't need any help to set up a Home screen. In 4 days we will see you and say goodbye to you. Using our little backs and hands, the fun began to clean up the growing area beneath the cows and sticks. We spread the shelter floor when it was nice and clean and as smooth as we could get. The first thing girls do, it takes about 15 minutes to complete. Yes!

Then something like this went on:

Judy: "Do we share or wait for it now?"

Phyllis: "Wait until we get the screen house … If you take that corner, Ethel and Judy, this will be nice and even, well, right now. Pillars, just slip away from every corner … Beautiful girls.

Ethel: "How do we get up and tighten now?"

Phyllis: "Carefully open and open the door … Here's the back wall, and both of you take off and raise the poles as you close the boy's lines … Judi, look at it! You and # 39; Come on down! "

Ethel: "Help! Get me out of here. It's hard!"

Judy: "You go in there. Good? I don't think we can handle it. Let's take your uncle."

Phyllis: "No! We can do that. Think for a minute. We can't accept our defeat. Imagine the children coming home laughing at us."

Everyone's deep thinking.

Ethel: "I got it! Where's the spare rope inside us? You can throw it on that big thigh and take it when you close it. Okay?"

Judy: "Hey, a great idea Brain. Let's go. We are wasting time."

I grab the rope several times and throw it around as I laugh with enthusiasm and laughter.

Phyllis: "Trying to do only 5 things. Get out of the flower or throw the rope next time. Now pull … moving. Wait, forget our stakes and boy cartoons. Lower it down and tie it around the tree … Okay .. Where is the hammer? "

Ethel: "Don't say we forgot it."

Judy: "I'm done, I went over it a minute ago. That's it. Oh, Phyl, you tied all the boy's lines on the poles. Okay, that's it."

Phyllis: "I take a breath when I buy these stocks. We think it's almost done. There, it's over. Now to catch the lines. Drag. Wait .. Close … And all the lines are closed. Tomorrow's doors are closed. We can put the doors. "

Judy: "Let's get our stuff in there before the cows are concerned. Then we can take a short nest and make hot dogs for dinner. We didn't catch a lot of fish with cows in the pond."

Ethel: "Oh my 4-hour, 15-minute job is my favorite meal. That's it, you're worried. Does he laugh at our weird shelter? Well, it's good for me."

Phyllis: "Well, let's get this bed. After the cows are milking. We can eat. Then we can watch the stars on the roof of the Screen House and dream about the falling star. Before bed."

Journey to Northern Europe

first of all

Denmark, next to Germany, is a small country in the north. Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, a kingdom that has been involved in many historical movements for years. In addition, many kingdoms close to Denmark sought to strategically occupy the country. Another neighbor, for example, is Sweden, which reminds Denmark of its architectural and social behavior. Both countries are very proud of their traditions and appreciate their association with old traditions.

The family's conjuncture is one of the valuable things that Danes and Swedenes appreciate. But they like to keep it for special events throughout the year. It can be holidays with family time or time to spend time together. Because Danes is working hard and in fact it is a big part of everyday life in Denmark, it is to continue a busy life.

Danish lifestyle and architecture

During my visit to Denmark, I saw many interesting things and many old cities of the country, with the touch of romance. The thing I noticed the most was the beautiful homes in the small towns around the islands. It's very easy to see, and anyone who has ever been in Denmark will know what I want to say. I traveled from Germany and went on my motorcycle to a small coastal town in the northeast of the small island called Fyn. Upon arriving at the creek, I felt very uplifted, because I could really feel the water. The beach went from one site to another with a long beach. It was a summer vacation, or rather a holiday for me, so I went swimming in the beautiful ocean every day.

For the first time in my bed and breakfast

I slept in the Samlingsstuens bed and breakfast in the heart of the small town. The residence was inside a protected building in the yard called "Andreasens købmandsgaard". Next to my bed was a beautiful room with beautiful flowers and a nice clean room, which I liked very much.

My timetable told me to stay in Kertem for just a few days, but I stayed there for 5 days. I am a bit of a natural person, so I spent a lot of time looking around the beaches and big forests around the area.

The Vikings of Denmark

I also visited the Viking Museum, 10 km from Samlingsstown. There was a meeting of modern Vikings, and it continued. I learned a lot about Danish history and culture that day, and even avoided real Viking dishes.

Basically this place was a really well-proven place to go with a family, there was a lot for kids to do and learn. But it was a real joy to go there.

In the end

I want to share a word I have encountered many times during my stay in Denmark. This is called hygge and is a unique example of a family reunion or another way of saying "cool down". The word is specifically associated with Danish, and it perfectly describes how Danish people are.

Respect me

The camp is the cure for everything

I am sure your camp experience is just as good as your tent. Think about it. If you have a leaking tent and everything in the tent is soaked from the rain —- then you probably won't enjoy the camp. So this article will give you some helpful tips on camping and camping. Although this article was written in 2005, it is an update in 2015.

Back to nature:

Camping is one of the most expensive vacations you can take, no matter where you live. And another strike for you can do something that you and your family can do. It brings you back to nature and gives you peace of mind right now. That is, the camp. If you choose a campground or a state forest, you will see nature as you have never seen before. You can see raccoons, all kinds of birds and small animals, meatballs, rabbits and more. If you are not careful, the first month can be your experience and hopefully you will be better off. No doubt you will always be close to nature.

There are different brand names for tents and different types of tents. Everyone has their own advantages.

First of all, I must say that my happiest and best camping days were when I used an Eucharist tent. They were designed with just one in mind. Is there a plastic flap in your tent – a beautiful screen window for rain? If you choose the right tent, you will have an awesome camp experience. Most of the joy in camp is having fun while camping. If you don't enjoy repairing your tent – you just have the wrong type of tent. You can spend just a few dollars on your tent, get a bargain, but you'll know the value when you remove and set it up. I say this from experience and all kinds of tents, rear tents, individual tents and even family tents. Yes, I have built a family tent – I have fun without it. And only one company makes it possible. Eureka! I absolutely love the Tetragon series of Eureka tents. You can't go wrong with this tent. Tetragon 9 is a beautiful tent with side windows. The tent fly has plastic attachments that cover the side windows when it rains. The beauty of the tent is that it can be seen from the outside and still be dry in the rain. Ahh, the special beauty of seeing the forest or park through the windows of the tent as it rains outside. That's Eureka! It is simply a cozy, joyful, easily assembled tent. The best Eureka was the Eureka Tetragon 9, but 8 are still available. If this is your first camp experience, I suggest you find one to set up camp. Sharing experiences with one makes camp better, and sometimes easier.

The weather decides what kind of roof you need:

When deciding which tent to buy, the camper must first know where to set up camp, when to set up camp, weather conditions and a few other things. For starters, if you don't want to spend a few extra bucks to buy an eureka tent, you can opt for the cheaper options of smaller tents to see how much you love your camp. Try any tent. But I guarantee you, if you want a great experience as a beginner, you can do something better with a Eureka. Here's an idea: Instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive tent of another name, look at eBay or other used stores and buy your tent instead. This way you can buy Eureka for your first tent, and you can upgrade later if you really insist on having a new tent.

Beginners & # 39; Tents:

During my experience in many different tents, I saw that they were the best beginners. tents are usually cheaper than those available at Target stores during the season. The Tent Expedition is called the Trail Authority tent. If you buy this tent out of season, you can get it for nineteen dollars. The tent space on the floor is seven feet seven inches, with plenty of space for one or two people. This tent is easily mounted. Because the center height of the tent is at an acceptable height, you do not need two people to set it up. Just install the pulse poles you make and install them. Put your tent down. Add the flight of the tent and you're ready to go. When using this tent, I use a cheap waterproof tarp under the tent and another cheap waterproof tarp over the tent. .

Leave the Big Family Tents at home:

I have seen that if you want to have a pleasant, non-working camp experience, you have to put back large tents and family tents at home or in the garage. Even though they have larger tents, more rooms and more center height, it's not fun to put them together. And on a windy day, it is almost impossible for a man to bring them together. So the smaller you go, the better you will feel and the best and care-free camp experience. Use two or three small tents for the family and you will all have more fun and a better trip.

OK? Book your camp:

Here's another camp. Don't miss any camping trip because you know it's raining. The weather will probably be good for some of your travel days. So continue your planned trip. Camp in any weather you can physically do. You will love the experience. The rain will always stop and you will find out what the camp really is, even if it doesn't rain. The camp is about bringing yourself to nature and staying there for a short time. You live there and enjoy what nature has to offer, the sun, the rain, the storm and any other weather conditions. You're going to camp! The great thing about camping is that it's probably a safe place to "do nothing" and enjoy doing it. Just sit at the edge of the tent and take all the birds, trees and nature around you. If you love camping in the ocean, check out Hither Hills State Park. It is the perfect place to sleep and wake up with tidal rush. And it comes from not knowing how to swim. I loved staying there at night. Want the best tents? Here's what to do. Never buy online. First go to a store like REI or EMS and look at stock tents. It will give you a better idea, which tent is best for you. Just a note, if you are camping in Hither Hills, bring the Ziplocks with you. Put all of your money or fragile items, such as iPods, in plastic bags, and then place plastic bags in the beach bucket. This way everything will dry in the morning. You only need to register at least nine months in advance if you want to set up a camp in Hither Hills, just one last weekend, a weekend, or a holiday. What is your own camp experience? Leave a serious note, if you want to see paradise here, the best way to go is to visit Hither Hills State Park in the state of New York, USA.

Article update 2015. Original article 2005:

From luxury to luxury over the Prince Cruise Lines from San Francisco to Hawaii

Recently, in an article titled "Three Reasons to Order Your Next Cruise in San Francisco", we have written about the fun of part of a vacation in the popular city by the Bay and part of it going to interesting destinations like Hawaii and Alaska. , and the South Pacific. This story is about the cruise we choose to follow in San Francisco.

Choose a cruise

As Mark Twain often points out, it can be a bit chilly in San Francisco regardless of the time of year, so we thought that a hot spot would be another perfect addition to the holiday.

We did an internet search and explored all the cruise routes out of San Francisco during our travel dates, and the princess cruise line was exactly what we wanted – a circular boat from San Francisco to the Hawaiian Islands. We made the right choice and what you can expect if you decide to skip here.

The day before the walk

The day before our trip to the air, we arrived in San Francisco. We toured some of our favorite sites in the city, Scoma, located at Pier 47; We had a lovely dinner at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency, our favorite and always fashionable place. The hotel is located just a short distance from the giant ferry building on Embarcadero and the cruise terminal at Pier 35.

Sailing from the Golden Door

We landed on the side stateroom of the harbor, opened a glass container and went to the verandah to watch the San Francisco sky while the ship was docking. The Ghirardelli square was lit up with all its grandeur, and the famous Transamerica Pyramid Building, among its "square" neighbors,

We could see the Golden Gate Bridge coming over the summer and say goodbye to the old Fort Point as we left San Francisco Bay and the vast blue Pacific. All we can think of at that time is "An excellent way to start a cruise!"

The next stop is Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii. A future article will tell you about the Hawaii call ports in Hilo, Nawiliwili, Lahaina, Honolulu, and the last stop in Ensenada, Mexico, before returning to San Francisco. Are US cruise ships cruising ships in Hawaii at a foreign port like Ensenada? We'll explain in the next article.

This story has many holiday tastes outside of Stars Prince. Note: The Grand Prince now replaces Stars Prince on Hawaii Road outside San Francisco. They are sister ships, so the differences are minimal.

Sweet sets

The Prince of Stars has several luxury bands along the ship. The Grand Suite is a 1,314 square feet clean renovation with walk in closet, spacious bathroom and a large balcony. These elegant excavations are for the truly fortunate among us.

In addition to luxurious guests, the sets are Sabatini & # 39; The exclusive restaurant is provided with additional features such as breakfast – here you can start your day with a free "breakfast mimosa" and choose other good dishes from an extraordinary breakfast menu. . We expected the service to be perfect and it was.

Did you know that the famous champagne and orange juice "Mimosa" was first created and named after the Paris Ritz in 1925? The name is a mimosa plant with bright and numerous yellow flowers.

There is also a cocktail and special nosh parties in the afternoon and before dinner, where the passengers of the suite get in and mingle with the shipwreckers.

Care for a quiet dinner for two people? The abundance of room service offered on a ship is the high level of seafood and high privacy.

Suite passengers are also provided with priority seating and unloading via the Elite / Suite Disembarkation Lounge. While visiting ports that require a beach start, suite owners are provided with priority tender discount tickets – a time-saver connection.

Time to eat

It's time for our first lunch on the Star Prince's deck. The first night on a cruise ship is a casual affair, so after a little cleaning we went to the Portofino Dining Room No. 6.

Maitre d & # 39; htel was engaged in organizing the process of showing the first dishes to the designated tables. Remember when everyone was eating early or late? These days you can have a traditional lunch or decide to eat at the time you choose. Both practices have advantages – it is a matter of personal pleasure.

It's fun

After a luxurious dinner, it was time to open our party on December 6 and 7 at the Princess Theater. The first show was all about extravaganza. The two-story large theater was packed but cozy and everyone was enjoying plenty of music.

After the show, we toured the Lido deck before returning to the stateroom. We weren't ready for bed, we turned on the TV and watched our first movie in a closed-circuit movie library. It was a reminder of the current Grant and Deborah Kerr roles – a tailed tearjerker with a plot starting on a cruise ship. Could there be more apropos for admission?

Days at sea

The first call from Hilo took four days to reach our port. We drove 2,003 nautical miles (2,303 trunk miles) from San Francisco. Time passed quickly.

The days at sea can be calm and exciting – this is your choice. You can shop endlessly in countless ships and other boutiques. You can visit the Internet Café to get acquainted with emails, listen to chamber music and attend live art auctions. An exercise at a spacious gym, a seaside workshop, pizza, a hot dog or a hamburger, or a chance to test your luck at the Casino?

Brushing your teeth is another option, enjoying the indulgence of dirty Spa, hanging out in one of the pools and chatting while enjoying the entertainment you choose in many bars and lounges. It is possible to watch movies overseas or closed, read the library carefully, read and of course, eat.

Master of the ship

We had the opportunity to meet the captain of the ship one day at sea. On our sails was Edward Perrin, a Dorset from England. As is usually the case, Captain Perrin was a birthdate and was very eager to share his experiences on the ship and at sea.

We always ask the sea captains what they love best from their work. Captain Perrin said he enjoyed most of the lives of people – both crew and passengers. He gave an example to an elderly couple who was saving their lives for a cruise. He was approached by a problem he had no money while on a trip. Captain Perrin wrote a list of "free" jobs a couple can do on a cruise vacation. They rejoiced, and the good Captain was equally pleased – he made his day and he never forgot the feeling of help.

When it comes to passenger services, an important member of the crew is the General Manager of the Hotel. Prince of Terry Lynn was Cybuliak and helped greatly in our entertaining discussions.

As we have seen in previous cruise articles, ship captains are contracted for years to be master of months, not years, and are therefore often transferred from the ship to the ship. Keep an eye out – you'll find Captain Perrin at the start of your next Princess cruise.

Focus on the bridge

After our meeting, Captain Perrin invited us to join the bridge. The ship's bridge is operated 24 hours a day by two officers working four hours on a three-hour system every day. It is interesting to witness the vast array of complex systems that operate these mega ships in a controlled and quiet environment. Replacing the traditional steering wheel with a small joystick on the desk continues to amaze us.

Dining in private restaurants

All the meals at the Star Prince and other cruise ships on this subject are quite delicious. It is amazing that seafood chefs can cook thousands of meals a day.

People always ask, "If all the meals are included in the cost of the cruise, why should anyone pay extra to eat in a private dining room?" The answer is pretty simple – something a little extra for intimacy and an important event.

Each specialty restaurant has its own kitchen, so you need to pay more attention to the cooking and presentation. The waiters are less likely to attend, and the common practice is to eat at a really nice restaurant. The extra charge is never wasteful and the experience is valuable.

Avoid disappointments, book specialty restaurants in advance.

Our recommendations

We have enjoyed many walks over the years and Princess Cruises is one of our favorite lines. For the first time, cruisers offer a pleasant introduction to cruise holidays and offer experienced cruisers a great choice of accommodation and amenities. No matter what your wallet dictates, a Princess Cruise will provide a good value for your holiday dollar.


San Francisco International Airport is approximately 20 miles from Cruise Terminal or Hyatt Regency and is a $ 65 taxi ride. Your travel agent or Princess Cruises can also arrange transfers from the airport, but if you have two passengers, we recommend taking a taxi, which is a lesser problem.

One last note

The San Francisco Cruise Terminal is currently located at Pier 35. When the American and American Cup headquarters receive a stake from Pier on September 27, 2013 – the United States will (hopefully) change after winning the Cup.

After a quick break and adding a new park in the area, the fully upgraded cruise terminal at Pier 27 will be able to handle larger ships and will come with extensive views of the city, including Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower, Ferry Building. and the Bay Bridge.

Happy travels!

Avoid high altitude on your Ski / Snowboard vacation

You have always planned your dream winter vacation. Head west for a week of skiing. Bags are packed, gear is placed and you can't wait to hit the slopes.

You are flying to Salt Lake International Airport, which is 5,000 meters from your sea level home. It's so cool to be able to get out of the house, to come here and run a few runs in the afternoon. What could be better? You rent your car and take the base to an 8,000-foot resort, jump in the elevator and ride 10,000 feet. After the holidays, take a few turns while skiing, do some cocktails and a nice dinner.

The next morning you don't feel well. You feel sluggish, headache, and maybe even breathing. What a waste of time to get the flu! It feels like the flu or hanging, but it is probably a high-grade disease.

High altitude illness can affect everyone, adults or children as they move from one altitude to another. Not everyone suffers from this and it is relatively easy to prevent and take care of your vacation.

Here are some tips to help you feel better.

  • Moisturize. When you get to sea level, drink twice as much water as you need. Before you arrive, start moisturizing and flying will also dehydrate you. Take a hydration system on the mountain with water, either a water bottle or a "camel". Use bottled water if you absolutely need it, but the tap water on the hill will probably taste better!
  • Avoid dehydration. Yes, take all of these fluids as described above, but avoid dehydration such as caffeine, salt and alcohol. Don't pretend you can't have an apres ski cocktail, just go for the first night at an altitude.
  • Eat carbs. Carbohydrates actually get less oxygen to metabolize and digest. Don't worry about the calories, you can burn them in the mountains and the carbs will help give you that energy.
  • Pull slowly. If you plan to spend your first night at a height not lower than 10,000 feet. At night, adapting to the climate will help your body adjust. Have a great dinner, do a concert, explore the city. Make plans in advance to make your first night in the city. All of them are exhausting traveling.

If it is not possible to spend a night at low altitude, easily spend the first day on the mountain. Take the time to get your snow feet back and explore the mountain with easy campers. Save the black diamonds later.

There are some medicines and energy drinks on the market that claim to prepare you for higher peaks and that you are facing any adjustment period. I have never heard them work, but have not spoken to many people who use them.

Other suggestions that will help you prepare for the altitude trip I see are iron fittings or taking Ginkgo. There is no science behind any of these, but there is a logic. Iron helps to produce more hemoglobin seen in humans at an altitude higher than your body. Gingko increases circulation, that is, more oxygenated blood circulates in your body.

Alcohol is generally harmless and lasts for a short time. When your body is adjusting to height, you will feel better. It is time consuming and you do not want to spend your skiing vacations and skiing. The best way to prevent and prevent a sick feeling is hydration. Keep your fluids intact before traveling and especially when you are on the mountain. It can be cold, but you can do many activities that use those fluids.

If you are not interested in hydration and relaxation, you will need some medical help. Many ski resorts have clinics on hand or ski patrol that fight high-altitude illnesses. You can really get the flu!