Here are the top 10 reasons for a vacation at a Nudist resort this summer

10] There are no funny tan lines

9] No need for vitamin D supplements

8] There is no Laundry when you return from vacation

7] Waves do not disassemble their swimming suit

6] Natural look takes on a whole new meaning

5] There is no baggage check at the airport

4] Shoes, shirt, no problem

3] There is no sand in the swimsuit

2] Every day is really random Friday

1] Clothing resorts are just fun!

Traditionally, Americans would have to go to Europe or the Caribbean to find the best-dressed resorts. But over the past decade, the US has become a world leader in naked leisure. In the United States, the top spots for volunteer resorts are on both shores. All year round, in Palm Springs, CA due to beautiful sunny weather. And Florida, but just be careful about hurricanes in the summer and autumn. Women especially love clothing choices because they can relax. You don't have to worry about how it will look in a swimming suit. The guests are all kind.

Top nudist spa couples clean up to leave their kids with their grandparents and have a nice romantic vacation. Some clothing optional resorts match the first timers and are always the perfect choice for a perfect vacation.

What makes an online dating profile attractive?

Now, if you are single, you have at least one online dating profile. Check out these or other tips to enhance your profile.

Love your photos

Make sure your photos are stylish! Even if you don't think you're very photogenic, you don't want your photos to be sold as soon as possible.

Sign up for a photo shoot in a beautiful place nearby. Sites like Living Social and Groupon always have highly discounted sessions by professional local photographers.

If you don't like pictures in your profile, don't be surprised when you receive very few messages or replies.

Heading is a must

Make sure you have at least one or more pictures that clearly show your beautiful face. If you don't like your photos right now, make it a priority to take some of the best ones.

Updated pictures

Try not to send pictures more than 2 years ago – especially if you have lost or lost weight since then. Both men and women often complain that the complainant is not the person they see in the photos. Eating and switching suitors can make you feel that any potential relationship has begun to lie.

If you don't like today's look, look for some outfits that will give you praise, and have some nice photos of you inside. Then, from this day on, set a goal for your health.

Purpose and passion

Make sure you have lots of pictures of your favorite things to do and a lot of fun!

If yoga is something you love, make sure your friend takes some pictures of what you do yoga in the nearby park.

If teaching children to ride is something that you aim to do, ask your parents to take a picture the next time you are there.

If you love traveling, do not forget to collect profile photos of yourself and take many photos in front of your travel companion (or friends traveling alone)!

Just like you, good potential partners are looking for people who take on a life of joy and are more likely to work and work every day.

Avoid Selfies

You can do better than that! Selfies, "Doesn't this person have a photo with him?" He asks the question. Anyway, we can see the floor walls behind you … and now the one who describes you in the bathroom … Would you like to see someone for the first time?

Be among the others you love

If you need to include a selfie, let this be a selfie for you and your friends who enjoy each other & # 39; Company.

Correct your syntax

Many are oblivious to this. Use the same editing feature to ensure that all grammar, spelling, and text are cleaned. Then read yourself aloud.

Avoid Negativity

If you have any doubts about all the weirdos who have recently sent you messages on your profile, don't refer to them in your profile. Example: "Don't send me a message if you're a reptile."

Similarly, remembering that you have been relieved or hurt in the past is not something that your profile needs to access. Do not force your future bidder to pay for your past mistakes! Big partners will feel this insecurity and will stick with it.

Keep it short

Your neck is up to this article (676 words), then it's too long.

Give a few positive comments about your life in your profile, include what you are passionate about, but leave a secret for the first date.

One last note

Remember that all people looking at your profile for one reason – your romantic relationship and your online dating profile are the first impression they will get.

You want to be sure that it reflects who you are and what you want.

What does your wheels say about you and your business?

Many of us are old enough to commemorate the days when a customer and an office building were driven out of a cold, gasoline-powered engine. bees are the best in the industry.

Applying today to a customer's office in an expensive gas mirror, on the contrary, can have the opposite effect of treating socially conscientious customers as you move away from the planet for being so selfish and thoughtless.

Certainly there is envy / jealousy / envy

A few years ago, I approached a customer's office in a new car – not confused but simply beautiful. The customer looked out the window and said, "A beautiful car. We have to pay you a lot of money." He said with a frosty smile, but I knew it was upset.

If I had the same belief in North America that people could envy without jealousy, the customer would be more likely to react: "A beautiful machine. It's good to see your business going well."

So if your business is in the UK, be aware … put Bugatti at home and take a gardener instead.

So what does your transportation say?

RollsRoyce or Bentley

Over-the-top movie stars (rented) and fat middle eastern aristocrats (especially when it is super-loaded Bentley and run at an acceleration). Hysterically eccentric, it is only accepted for good taste when it was a model until the 1960s.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

English footballer, US rapper, little Arabian prince Kardashian. These cars look like a big skateboard, look like Mach 1 and only cockpits with the shortest hair extensions, making them unsuitable for most female stars (although Kim is good at compression).


Successful businessmen in North America, successful executives in England. The majority of Germans and other Western Europeans use Mercedes as a taxi and think that Britons are a hazelnut to treat them with such respect. Be aware when you work in Continental Europe; You might think you have a new colleague who greeted you, but you are probably an amateur taxi driver.


Smart class and good taste. Unlike Audi, BMW (naked and nouveau-rich), Volvo (very boring), Skoda (cheap and nasty), Volkswagen (slightly boring), Ford (snake-oil), always having a neutral socio-economic profile has a tendency. and so on. Audi remained neutral despite the choice of wheels for several members of the English royal family who said a lot about their star power.

Large SUV / 4WD / 4x4s

The owner of a ruthless, wealthy fast-food chain, a slightly suspicious estate agent, an aging athlete or a nervous, 5 & # 39; The 2 "mother looks at the steering wheel that takes her two young children to the nursery. No matter if you sell neutron bombs, solar roof panels or aromatherapy oils like an eco.

People carriers

Known as "mini-vans" in the US, there are 7 or 8 people in the seat, and you get a small movie or rock star (depending on the door), or a parent of a big family. make sure you remove your baby from the work suit before leaving.

Smart Car

Are you really brave enough to get back into a congregation with a four-wheeled camera that even Noddy and Big Ears won't die? Useful if your client's office is in the center of the city, as you can place it near the trash cans. If you have to manage one, make sure that your work suit has a size pocket so you can hide the wildlife there with your keys and your phone.

A convertible sports car

Very cool if you're young or a) male and / or b) very short hairstyles. It is not cool for women with elegant clothing (hair and makeup slip upwards of 30 mph and end up with a skirt beneath your neck when you get in and out) or middle men trying to prove that they do not suffer from menopause.


Depends. Going on a retro Vespa scooter if you're in the woo-woo industry, but you think your client will think of you if he's in a macho job. a nerd. Honda Goldwing or the great Harley are offensive to your image, but remember that most Easy Rider bike lovers are more than 60 with gray ponytails with beats and ankles everywhere. Make sure it fits your brand name.


15 or 20 years ago, if you go for a business meeting in an expensive suit with bicycle clips and a helmet, the reward will look like goofball. Today, it is seen as eco-friendly and money-saving, an indisputable fact for politicians and industry leaders who are convinced that politicians and paparazzi are going for a walk down Buckingham Palace or on Wall Street. But come true. Going to work or a customer meeting on your bike is going to rain. Never mind the trend; ride on the subway.


My fantasy is … you are told to come to one of these meetings. Hack with him; I want to a Segway, even if I'm sure I'll be right in the first 30 meters. In the meantime, I'll just stick to (a little bored) Volkswagen.

What do you think the wheels say about you and your work?

Novel Review – Novels by Jonathan Swift and Gulliver


The conversation was about Gulliver's trips to the beautiful lands, Lilliput and Brobdingnag.

The main feature

1] Lemuel Gulliver: He was a young doctor married and married. His own desire was to travel and become a ship doctor. His father was a landowner in England. He had four brothers.

2] King of Lilliput: King of the Kingdom of Lilliput. He was half an inch taller than the other Lilliputian. He had strong and masculine faces. There were also elegant and royal actions. He was an ambitious man.

3] Glumdalclitch: He was nine years old. She was a daughter of Gulliver in Brobdingnag. Since he was not forty feet tall, he was very well behaved and younger. Gulliver was a nurse and a teacher and Gulliver was a teacher.

4] Gulliver & Master; He was a farmer in Brobdingnag. Her daughter was Glumdalclitch. He was an ambitious man in money. Gulliveri forced Brobdingnag to work to entertain people in order to earn money for himself.


1] Timing: around 1699

2] Location: England, Lilliput and Brobdingnag.

Summary of the story

Lemuel Gulliver was a ship surgeon. His passion was to travel the world. He was married and had a family. His father was a landowner in England. He had four brothers. He loved to travel and allowed his family to go abroad only on boats.

The Gulliver journey began in May 1660, when the journey was well under way. He traveled for several months and a half on the world shores of Sumatra. But then the chance changed, a terrible storm hit the ship, and the entire crew died. Gulliver was safe and could find an unknown place to stay. It was Lilliput soil.

Lilliput was a strange land. People were smaller and less than six inches high. In this county, Gulliver took the country from the enemy Blefuscu. King of Lilliput at first was very nice and served Gulliver as much as possible. Lilliputian called it a "mountain of people." The king then asked Gulliver to help him attack his enemy, the land of Blefuscu. But then the king became ambitious and tried to destroy Blefuscu, but Gulliver refused to do so and fled to England.

His next visit was to Brobdingnag. Brobdingnag was an extraordinary land, and its people had a very large body. In this land, Gulliver was found by a farmer who had to work very hard to get money. Gulliver was then handed over to the Brobdingnag king and patronized by his master's daughter Clumdalclitch.

Finally, after a long stay, Gulliver fled to land and returned to England. Both were extraordinary and astonishing and the wonderful journey Gulliver has had so far. She returned safely to England and to her family. But maybe his visit still continued.

The message of morality

The moral of the story is that we cannot always get what we want and we have no right to force anyone to do something. Sometimes we have to carry what we want, and we have to be very ambitious, especially in bad things.

The psychological significance of the story is that we have to manage and struggle to get what we want, but we must not regret that we do not get what we want. Never give up and try as hard as you can. Was made by Gulliver to escape from the lands.

The social significance of the story is that we have to help and love each other and do not need to fight each other. We must not have wars and live in love and together. We cannot live on our own.

Find a great hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its amazing nightlife and offers a number of other spectacular attractions. Whatever the reason for his visit to Barcelona, ​​Barcelona needs a good hotel. The following information about these best Barcelona hotels comes from the comments of former guests staying at a hotel in Barcelona. You will notice that every hotel in Barcelona offers great hotel guests in addition to other attractions. The hotels offered are Casa Camper Hotel, The Hotel Arts, Neri Hotel and Hesperia Sarri.

Casa Camper Hotel welcomed the guests. There are 25 rooms decorated in creative costumes to match the entire hotel's amazing scenery. Attachments are included in the base cost, such as minibus and room service, so you don't end up with a huge bill on inspection. It is a short walk from Catalvyna and close to the city. For those who love quiet nights, the Casa Camper Hotel is well off the night because it provides ample sleep. The Casa Camper Hotel in Barcelona received great reviews and was worth checking out.

Hotel Arts in Barcelona consists of 402 rooms and is located on the beach. Although not every hotel in Barcelona is generally known for its beaches, the place offers beautiful scenery. It's not too close to the city, so you have to travel to get a tourist attraction. Restaurants nearby offer a beautiful cuisine that makes the place desirable. A hotel in Barcelona is said to have one of the best beds available. The cost of hotel art worries some guests and extras are not included in this base price. It was generally regarded as an excellent hotel, but at no cost.

Neri Hotel in Barcelonahas, which draws you to 22 rooms. The decor is beautiful with the use of stone and wood. Rooms are comfortable and offer five different floor options. It is advisable to find good directions at the hotel as it is difficult to find. There are no scenic scenery, but this is due to the detail in all aspects of the hotel. In general, it was not that the hotel had an exceptional service and that it was necessary to create a spectacular experience for visitors.

Hesperia Sarria has 134 rooms and is located in a quiet area of ​​Barcelona. It is within walking distance to the train station (Les Tres Torres) and many other attractions. Modern and clean rooms have locked minibuses and safes. There is a restaurant on the site, although visitors say you can never try because of the proximity of many other great bars and restaurants. It was recorded by the guests to make it a great purchase.

All four of these hotels received good and bad reviews. Most of the images above are from the minds of many. While they were all beautiful, some stayed in the crowd. There are numerous alternatives to a hotel in Barcelona, ​​and these are just a small example of the great service you receive.

Best 10-Day Rail Travel from London

If you're traveling on a budget, staying in one of the great London dorms doesn't mean you can only explore the inner city. With London's famous reliable rail system, these high-end routes will take you only 20 minutes to a few hours.

1. Holy Albans (20 minutes by train) – More than 2,000 years have made this city, and everyone has left traces from the Celts to the Benedictine Order. Those who love history will definitely want to visit St. Albans and will surely have access to any central dorm in London.

2. Windsor (30 minutes by train) – Want to learn a few things about the royal family? Windsor is a great place to go, especially for the location of the famous royal residence, Windsor Castle. There is also the Windsor Legoland theme park, which is very entertaining for young or young people to explore.

3. Epping Forest (40 minutes by rail) – Nothing to do in a quiet forest, especially from the crowded areas around London's dormitories. Make sure you check before you travel, since Epping Forest is closed to the public on certain days.

4. Brighton (1 hour by train) – Only one hour to get to Brighton, and you'll have a great time exploring the confusing places and skyscrapers of this glorious eclectic and creative city. The Royal Pavilion and the Gulf Entertainment Exhibition are world-renowned, and there are many things for any guest, old or young visitor.

5. Cambridge (1 hour by rail) – Here you can visit one of the most famous universities in the world and go to the river for punishment – or you can rank someone else for you! This picturesque city is everywhere you hear it.

6. Oxford (1.5 hours by train) – Another famous university has its home here in Oxford, though many museums are under occupation. Oxford and Blenheim Palace are also worth a visit, with films like the Harry Potter series and Little Chaos.

7. Bath (1.5 hours by train) – The city, appropriately named, is the only natural hot springs in England. Roman baths and spas can be a pleasant treat for amateurs for a long, warm soaking to relax traveling muscles and tired legs.

8. Canterbury (1.5 hours by train) – Lovers of religious history and architecture should simply spend time visiting Canterbury and the famous cathedral. St. Martin's Church and St Augustine and Abbey are two notable places to visit.

9. Salisbury (2 hours by train) – Salisbury has a beautiful religious architecture and is a lush village ideal for hiking, periods and sights. This also applies to the best protected copies of Magna Carta, with only four complete copies remaining.

10. Stonehenge (2 hours by train) – Stonehenge is a wonder of the Neolithic period and is worth the time to visit. Just eight miles north of Salisbury.

When you are in one of the many wonderful dorms in London, do not forget all these directions. You understand how much you want to see by rail.

Indian Vacations – Cheap international tour packages

Indian holidays

India is a travel destination, a travel destination, a culture to ride. Tourists come to India for sights, cultural attractions, and territorial diversity, and are looking for something special that only India can promise and provide. India, with more than a billion people voicing more than a million concerns in fifteen different languages, is India, where they live in diversity, develop diversity and not allow them to change. Mud houses and houses are facing the streets of the city. Luxury luxurious and durable living in the same strip.

From the foggy mangroves of the Sunderbans to the steamy Thar Desert, to delicate cities like Humuraho and Hampi, from the Himalayan heights to the deep blue waters around Andamans, India is a destination for travel. disappointing and cheerful tour package, demanding to be awarded.

It requires the traveler to be ready for some form of strange tourism offerings – the crowd in Pushkar, the pushing mendicants in Haridwar, to get high commercialization in moral retreats. But at the same time, it means people are amazed at the extreme heat, ease of communication and beauty, sometimes handmade and often the silence of nature.

Goa tour packages

Goa tour packages will help you have a nice vacation in the province. Goa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, is a place of marvelous beauty and a unique atmosphere, with thousands of tourists from all over the world. Take the Goa tour packages on board and have fun.

Travel packages in Goa include trips to popular beaches in the province. Goa's favorite beaches, islands, coral reefs and more. The beaches are the perfect place to witness the sunrise and sunset, and are perfect for a lazy ride and a charming vacation. Travelers can enjoy sunshine or enjoy a short walk on the beaches. There are popular beaches in the state including Calangute Beach, Miramar Beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Benaulim Beach and Vagator Beach.

The best time to carry out travel packages in Goa is between October and March. Goa's weather is mainly marine tropical with hot and humid summers and mild and dry winters. In the evening, the cool wind is blowing over the beaches, making them ideal for a short walk.

Cheap international tour packages

Holidays are here again! There are numerous international holidays for us: traveling from Alaska to Italy to the Seychelles. Have a relaxing vacation in Europe, a busy holiday in Australia, a luxurious cruise in the Mediterranean or an exciting tour in South Africa, we have something for everyone. Choose from cheap international vacation packages to luxury vacation packages – make sure you find the tour package that suits your needs. Various tour packages Maldives vacation packages, Egypt vacation packages, Hongkong vacation packages, Singapore vacation packages, European vacation packages and many others.

Cheap Vacation Package Deals: Tickets, Hotels, Cruises and More

Whether you are planning a summer break, a summer vacation or a winter getaway, there are so many beautiful places and things to do. There are seasonal or shoulder seasons anywhere in the world, so there are cheap vacation packages waiting to be caught. Don't miss your chance to visit a beautiful city, town or country at an affordable price.

You can start by visiting discount travel sites to see what is available. You can check the following for transactions:

• Flight and hotel together

• Flight and car together

• Flight, hotel and car together

• Each of these is separate

There are also sections that combine the best bargains. Last-minute packages and packages under $ 500. Even if you have a specific appointment in advance, you need to look at these types of deals because one of them might be exactly what you want; # 39; I'm looking

It is not uncommon for airlines and hotels to offer discounts on packages. Each airline has a number of hotel brands in common. Partners with Delta, Hard Rock Hotels and Paradise Island Resorts, for example. American Airlines has hotel partners like Best Western, Sheraton, Marriott, Radisson Hotel Group and more.

It is better to visit online discount travel centers that offer promo codes and coupons to save you more money to get access to cheap holiday package deals. Also, check your credit card site to see if you have any travel discounts or rewards programs.

Baggage fees may or may not include the listed price; this is an important factor to keep in mind. Tariffs cannot be copied at all. Depending on the agreement and the website, they may not be refunded as well. Always read the terms carefully.

What about traveling by train?

Who says you need to reach the destination by plane? Although it may take longer, a train trip is less costly and offers better views. No matter what country or continent you are in, you can see more areas than a plane.

And travels?

Forget about walks. With a cruise, you get ocean and land exploration. The longer the cruise, the more you will visit the islands and harbor cities. You can get an agreement that includes a one-night stay at a hotel near the port where you will be leaving. Caribbean cruises are very favorable in late summer / early autumn.

There are many options to consider when creating your destination, so use the internet to help you get cheap vacation packages.

Consider starting an online search for cheap holiday package deals. There you will find incredible deals on every type of travel you can imagine, from the Caribbean Sea to the big city journey. By using online discount codes, you can save extra money on your future trip.

Be a welcoming guest with tourists

Traveling is always a pleasure, but sometimes you have to take care of the people who decide to visit your country. You have a chance, you always want to show them what you are proud of. For now, love the country you came from. Guests are more likely to be interested when they see that you really believe what you are saying. Don't look at this as a business. Instead, get a chance to see your place with a stranger's eye. It always helps to know how others accept you and where you come from. If you conduct yourself with pride, you will prepare for the best homeowner.

So how do you get the most winning guest? Here are some tips:

1. Practice everywhere travel brochures. Explore the history of some of the monuments. Also, make sure you get to know the host country. This way you can compare stories and make them more relevant.

2. Ask them in advance what they want to see and make sure you are setting up for them. If you can't get through certain days, ask your friend for help.

3. Also make sure that you work with their budget. You don't want to order them in a very expensive hotel. On the other hand, you can order it anywhere you don't want it. Ask hotels in your area for the prices and tell them what they are. This way, you can help them without asking what they can do.

4. Check your area for tour guides that have received a lot of positive feedback. Make a call and schedule an appointment. It can really help if you can ask for more suggestions.

5. Take them to the places they can't find. At the same time, find out if they are ready to try the foods they consider exotic. If they are not very adventurous, businesses should be carefully selected. Otherwise, hotel restaurants usually cater for people from all walks of life.

6. See if there are events like local concerts in your area. This makes for perfect nighttime activities.

7. Ask your friends to go with you. As for the visitors, the more you stay, the easier you will be. Make sure your friends are not too shy. Always be courteous and show them that you are a real person.

8. Another great activity is to connect your visitors with a type of charity. There is nothing more fulfilling than the act of giving, as people always say.

Before deciding to entertain people, make sure you know your area well and answer key questions. Give them some interesting facts and details about your country and ask them to share some of them. The point here is to set up a camaraderie.

Camp Recommendations for the Elderly – Looking for an economical way to travel

More and more people want to travel economically for this purpose. After all, it's golden years, and then a better way to travel to try your hand at camp. Here are five tips for starting camp.

First, research camps in the areas you want to visit. Here are a few websites that can help you decide where your next adventure will go. One site I would recommend is the National Park Service, the other site is the American Reserve. Each site is unique in providing information by the state with camp, camp maps, activities and camp gear.

Secondly, you ask yourself what camp I will be in. Of course, owning an RV can be a beautiful and more comfortable way of travel. If you are planning to set up more camps in the future, this is something you can think of later. However, there is nothing wrong with starting your camp experience in a more affordable tent. Tents come in all shapes and sizes, trying to find one that suits your needs. You can find them for sale or better, but see them personally at a sporting goods store. Therefore, you will get a better perspective to the extent you need. Another thought is that if you are able to reach an aero bed and a chic place, you don't have to sleep on the floor.

Third, the next area of ​​concern is camp equipment. Everything from the camp stove, the sleeping bag, the dishes and the fridge. Believe it or not, you may have many of these items. But one of the most important items would be a camp stove for cooking. Machine camp stoves work very efficiently to cook as many meals as at home. You can also use kitchen utensils and utensils to start your camp's kitchen supplies.

Next, consider planning your meals. Cooking them at home will save not only time but also money. Look for small items like coffee, cream crackers, mustard, ketchup, swimwear and spices in your cupboards and refrigerators. Present, look for items you have missed on the go, and try local vendors at fresh fruit and vegetables and discount stores instead. Why not ask about the big discounts. Also, get a block of ice for a longer fridge.

Finally, look at the National Park Pass for the elderly. The camp and other amenities cost $ 10.00, which will give you some great price breaks. If you are 62 years old or older, you can buy these passports in any national park. See this website for more information on this link: Happy travels!