Advantages and Disadvantages of Lonely Planet Morocco Guide – Book Review

If you are traveling as I am, you will agree that travel guides are one of the most important tools. They show that it takes a lot of time and effort to get accurate information. Some can be a little too protective and confusing at times.

I have learned from experience that it would be a great mistake to be religious, as many travelers do, because many of them are out of date without even being published. It is really nice to get the best of these brochures, but believe it is best not to use them and rely on your best ideas. Lonely Planet is an authority when it comes to creating travel guides.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Lonely Planet Morocco booklet. I went to Morocco for a two-week trip to live in the "Red City," and embarked on an adventure of the species and used the Lonely Planet Morocco brochure to help me along the journey. I can't speak any French or Arabic language that makes me addicted to an excellent guide, because there are basic phrases that everyone can use for directions.

The biggest thing about Lonely Planet Morocco is how the chapters and logistics are built. There is also some good information about the location and how the location will be. The guidebook even has maps that you think are basic but are really helpful. I've heard some people say that the map is not helpful, but confusing. All I can say is, "It worked for me."

Yes, there are a few things I dislike about it. At first, the Lonely Planet Morocco booklet is heavy enough to carry with you. I seriously thought about breaking some pages, but just copied the pages I needed. Another thing I dislike is how Lonely Planet dedicates a large number of pages to history and culture.

It is interesting and informative, of course, but I don't think it is practical for travelers. I think if Lonely Planet gives more pages to Moroccan restaurants, activities, entertainment, nightlife, leisure and so on, I think many tourists look forward to experiencing and experiencing some of that. Useful information about.

I would say that the guide is generally useful even though it has some minor flaws. It is really important that you know something else that I want to share. There are some service hotels and hotels in Fes that use guide services to dawn and use some of their clients to increase their prices as they show up in Lonely Planet Morocco.

Walking in Morocco is one of the most memorable travel experiences I have ever had and it was perfect, albeit not at all difficult! I had less time to lose myself because it was a great tool to help me do my research and make all the necessary adjustments the traveler needs beforehand. Lonely Planet Morocco is certainly a great reference when it comes to travel, exploration and adventure.