Then, there was

It's not that I don't like traveling; I just don't want to go home. At home I am very comfortable, I can easily get everything I need.

Sometimes I have to go to a conference or something, which is not good for me. But as my friend said, "This is life."

According to the calculations, it took me 13 hours to get to my destination. For a long time I thought it was worth it. Then the lady of Zarif said, "Go ahead. You need a break."

What he called "pauses" was far beyond understanding at that moment. I think he needs to take a break from me, which is my personal opinion.

However, following her advice, I packed my bags and got ready to go on the road.

The next morning, I quickly loaded up my car and left. I must say that there are advantages to not being alone and alone. After the first hour I watched what those benefits really were. Talking to myself is the most boring conversation I have.

I went to a conference on the table and went to my hotel room. I had a few hours before the conference, so I could lie down and rest.

Then I got up and went to the conference. I spent the next few days attending the conference and returning to my hotel room. I must admit, if you promised you wouldn't tell anyone, I had a good time and had a great conversation.

It's time for me to pack up, get back on track and go home. After collecting my vehicle, I stopped for a moment and was deeply saddened. As tired as I was, I didn't expect a long trip home.

There were several signs in one of the cities I visited. Normally I don't pay much attention to the signs, but I was a little interested in this. Because my heart was sore.

There was a big sign in the middle of this small town called "Look at the Children." I pulled up, parked my vehicle, rolled down the window and searched for the next 30 minutes. No kids were around, how could I really look after the kids if they weren't kids? After all, there was a sign telling them to watch the children.

Finally, after I had no children to watch, I decided to sit back in the saddle and go home. After a few blocks, I saw another sign, "Backstage Shop." I didn't even look! Nobody wants to deceive me! I fall for a lot of things, but I have a limit.

Hours passed, and as I was tired, I stopped at several places to buy food. Nothing appealed to my appetite. Eating on the go can be a kind of boring activity. Of course, I went to the cheapest restaurants I could find.

After a while, a sandwich tastes like any other sandwich and my slice goes to sleep.

Walking through a city, I realized that I was in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. So I decided to stay in a good country restaurant. There is no better place to eat.

I sat down, looked at the menu, and once in my trip I saw some things that made my appetite attractive. It was a little encouraging for me to make a nice lunch, though I was still a little down and I went a long way. I am tired of my body and spirit.

The waitress, who had finished my meal, came and asked, "Sir, would you like a dessert?" He then gave me a dessert menu. I was not hungry at that time.

I took the menu that opened, and then there was. All the difficulties and boredom in my trip have ended. I couldn't believe what I saw in that dessert menu.

Because I drank one of these sweets, I couldn't remember how much. But there were! A slice of old Amish healing pie. It hit my heart! There is no dessert like Amish shoofly pie.

Whoever invented the sharp cake should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. I am not aware of the peace of mind that the shovel is like a piece of paste.

"Have you decided on your tastes?"

I looked at the waiter and smiled as if I didn't laugh all week.

"I'll be," I said as gracefully as I could, "a piece of toothpaste."

"Good choice, sir."

Boy, it was a good choice! I tasted every bit of that shoofly paste. The rest of the trip was a delightful experience.

That cake was a pleasure to spend the rest of my journey thinking about. As I write David's words, "You shall rejoice in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37: 4).

Often, I am so busy that I can think of everything that I can do. I am learning that in the most difficult of times, I can get a great taste in the Lord.