Secret Application – Part 1 – What's the secret anyway?

The secret film is taking the world by storm, and many people are asking "what is it about?" This is a refined way to look at the secret book & # 39; Getting Rich – by Wallace D. Wattles & # 39; Written in 1910. After losing so much on the bookshelves, in late 2004, Melbourne came to life when a creative woman in Australia – Rhonda Byrne – met. It's amazing & # 39; Hidden & # 39; to the world by preparing a documentary-drama that sells millions of copies worldwide.

"The right of a person to live is to freely and unlimitedly use all that is necessary for the fullest mental, spiritual and physical development. In other words, the right to be rich." ~ Wallace D. Wattles ~ He knows how to do things in a certain way, using the law of attraction and wealth to bring things like secret, wealth, good health, relationships and prosperity into your life. You want to get rich to eat, drink and have fun. You want to be rich enough to get beautiful things, travel around the world, nourish your mind, develop your intellect, love people, do good things, and play a real role in the world.

We need to know that everything first emerges from our own minds and then materializes in the outer world. If there were no thinking, there would be no creation. The problem is that we are programmed to live outside, in other words, to look around us; What we have, what we have and what we can achieve in our lives. This is wrong – we must live from the inside and realize that we can create our own future and destiny – we just need to be there.

Wealth is based on the fact that there is a great scientific law and the conclusion that Energy is everything. Everything around us is a material substance, and matter is, in fact, an energy impulse. Thought is the most powerful form of energy. There are seven auxiliary laws under this one major law, and they are all interconnected when they are interdependent. These laws will be explained in detail in the next article.

You must not forget that success is the direction you choose. It is a progressive realization of your goals. You can succeed by changing your thinking and thinking and acting in a certain way. It all starts when you focus on what you want, not what you want. I don't want to be indebted to you & # 39; you will attract more debt. Instead, try to say that I am very happy and grateful that I live in abundance and have enough money for everything I want. and you will attract him. Because subconscious mind cannot do anything negative. We will tell you more about this later.

If you can build and hold the image in your mind, you will be able to draw all you need for its manifestation. So now you have a basic understanding of the Secret and Wealth Science. The following article will cover the law of attraction and the laws of 6 other universes. These articles will take you on an exciting journey as you learn how to apply the secret and attractive law in your daily life.