What to consider when booking a wedding photographer

The Belfast wedding photographer has repeatedly asked what should and should be expected from a specialist. I believe that with these simple questions you can narrow your search for that photographer according to the answers they provide. Remember the last thing you want to pack your photographer and leave home when you think they will be there all night. So ask these questions to any photographer before logging in to your service line.

Questions to Ask:

1: What style did they shoot?
Find the style that suits you and you are happy. Photographic journalism is at the moment all fury. But that can mean a lot to many people. Be sure to clarify.

2: How long have you been filming weddings?
Probably the longer, the better you would think. Remember, there are many gifted and upcoming talented photographers with their own unique style. This is obvious in the portfolio I will show you at the first meeting. So if you have a particular photographer who would like to ask for references from previous clients.

3: What packages do you offer?
Make it completely clear. Ask for a breakdown of each package offered. Check for additional costs such as an online gallery or other prints. This will prevent unpleasant invoices that occur after the wedding. Be sure to know if you know when a photographer leaves if you need an extra shot and it's gone.

4: Are you insured?
All professional photographers will have public responsibility and professional indemnity.

5: What happens if you get worse on the shooting day?
A photographer should have a backup photographer who is available to shoot your wedding while dropping a bouquet. This is only a precautionary measure and is very rare, but it is good to know.

6: What happens if cats and dogs come to rain in the day and can not shoot outdoors?
Weather can play confusion with your special shots. Ask the photographer to have an alternative plan for this option. They should be able to provide an illumination device to take pictures at the reception. Umbrellas are a basic part of the wedding photographer, so do not be afraid to smell and enjoy the rain.

7: Can I give you a list of photos I want?
Of course! The photographer should ask for this list at your initial meeting. Make sure you point out conflicts when organizing groups. If Aunt Annie does not like, Uncle Ted let the photographer know, so he does not put them together and ends up with two faces, like thunder, in your special groups.

8: Are you a photographer who will shoot my wedding, if not who will take my wedding photo?
Some larger photographic studios will have several photographers who shoot several weddings at any time. Ask for a meeting with your photographer so that you can create a relationship with them. This is very important to help you relax in the day.

9: How many photos will we show on the test sheets?
This varies from one photographer to another. You should expect to see at least 250 shots.

10: How long will it be sooner if you see evidence of a wedding?
The time varies depending on the workload of the wedding photographer. But a reasonable time would be one to two weeks after the wedding day. Remember, these are the proofs you can pick up for your album.
There are a lot of other questions you can ask for these decades.

If you would have included a comprehensive list of two pages of "Questions Asking Wedding Photographers", do not hesitate to contact a wedding photographer from Belfast at info@gavinsloanphotography.co.uk or call me.

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