Professional Speakers – How to Write Your Reservation Agreement

The talking world is full of forms and contracts – the two most important are a contract you send by fax to a meeting scheduler who has agreed to hire you and pre-program you to send a planner before the event.

Your credibility is consistent with each of these documents – they must be highly professional.

Reservation Agreement

Reservation Agreement

____________________________________________ (ABC

Corporation) has agreed to rent ________________ (Ms Speaker)

_____________________________ .

Deposit and cancellation rules:

o In the case of a refund of the signed contract, a 50% advance is required to cancel the program, Mrs Speaker will transfer the program to
on a mutually advantageous term without penalty. speaker, cancel this date less than 30 days before the event bears a fine on the deposit

Travel and accommodation:

o All charges are quoted together with travel expenses, and Ms Speaker book a full bus ticket and costs will be invoiced after Airfare is always prophets when the route includes multiple clients. [19659002] o Accommodation, food and land transport will be charged directly to your organization.

Materials to Support:

o Consider reproduction materials, written, orally or visually, copied and must not be used or reproduced without the written permission of the speaker.

o Participants & Loans are charged separately.

Audio / Visual

o No recording, audio or visual, can be made without the prior written permission of the speaker.

o The Speaker reserves the right to make books
and A / V materials available for sale or viewing to subscribers with client permission.

Even though the client is a regular practice to cover travel and accommodation costs, some speakers charge a flat fee to cover travel expenses. This causes less paperwork and is something the client can work prematurely in the budget.

I recommend having a flat rate policy because it means that the payment for the expense will be included in the final check you receive on the day of your call.

Another advantage of having a flat fee policy means that there are no surprises for the client
long after the event, and they get
a huge bill for spending.

Whatever you choose to spend, it's important to let clients know ahead and be consistent with each client.

Once you have recruited, you should send a pre-program questionnaire to your client to help you tailor your speech to the needs of this specific group. This question should include, for example, confirmation of the time, date and place of your speech, the program program, other speakers, the topic of the conference, the expected number of participants, and all other information to help you work better on the stage.

Professional contracts will make it easier for you to work and look very professional – which of course you are!

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