Creating and scrapping cards – Best Brads

When I first started making cards and reserved scraps, even though I knew enough, over time I got up and learned so many new tips and tricks, and I'm sure it's pretty far out there.

One of my most favorite card accessories is beard, come in all shapes and sizes and a huge palette of colors.

There are so many things you can do with brads when I first started making cards, I bought silver and gold sticks to see what I can come up with. I used them primarily to create a template for the word that was usually born. Id to split a piece of card into a rectangle and then use peeling for the words, find some gold or silver mirror card and mount the words on the mirror card using a 3d foam pad.

Then I would use a pokey tool to create a hole in the word word all the way through my card, id then insert the brads through the holes (one at each end) to turn the card and bend the back brads to keep them in place.

Although this card looked fantastic, it meant that when the card was open, you could see the backbone, so I would either make a pad that would hide back patches or cover the back side of the card with the next card to hide them.

I did it for almost a year until I realized I was going to put a cow over the first card where my letters or words were before I mounted it on a mirror card that they were already in place so I could use the two- tape to attach the mounted word to the card. It meant I did not go through the card itself, so there was no need to cover the inside of the card because the back was not visible.

It may seem obvious, but it has been a long time since I tried to make it a better way to attach my chin to the cards.

Brads come in many different colors, but it's always the way you make a card that you never have the color you want. I had to go to the stamping of one of my chin and it worked. Follow the same steps as you would use to emboss the printed image, cover the dye with ink and sprinkle your embossed powder over the color and heat as normal.

Try to overheat the cherry because it can cause it to become brittle and your back may fit. Using this method means that you make your fir any color you like.

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